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Is this Islam to kill the faithful at namaz, Hasina asks as four are slain

Thu, Jul 07, 2016, 12:57 PM
Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina has condemnned the attack on Id morning at Kishorganj near Dhaka and said `This is not Islam.'

She said she was Worried that 400 young Bangladeshi men have been missing from their homes and could have been radicalised. "Islam says you can't kill innocent people. Terrorism is against humanity. How can terrorists kill people during namaz?" she asked after second attack in Bangladesh in a week.

Four people, including a policeman, have been killed and 11 injured after bombs went off near Bangladesh's biggest Eid gathering in the north of the country this morning.

Bangladesh media reports that a bigger police contingent has been dispatched to Kishoreganj, 140 km from Dhaka, where the attackers are believed to be holed up in a school.

Locals say 6-7 youths led the attack on Eid congregation of 30,000 people. A cop was attacked with knife and bombs exploded injuring seven.

According to reports, a group of six to seven terrorists led the attack on policemen at around 9:45 am when the law enforcers were frisking people into the Eidgah ground.

Bangladeshi media reports said that the police had been trading gunfire with the attackers who are now reportedly holed up inside a school.

Bangladesh Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu said the attack is a political move and has no Islamic agenda. He also confirmed that the attack was aimed at the police convoy which was guarding the Eid congregation.

According to media reports, Maulana Farid Uddin Masud, who's the imam Masjid at Sholalkia, was the main target of the terrorists. He had started a signature campaign and over 1 lakh religious leaders had signed a fatwah condemning terrorism in the name of Islam.

After the Dhaka terror, the Islamic State terror group had issued a chilling video on Wednesday threatening more attacks.

"What you witnessed in Bangladesh was a glimpse. This will repeat, repeat and repeat until you lose and we win and the sharia is established throughout the world," said a man identified as Bangladeshi fighter Abu Issa al-Bengali, in the video monitored by SITE intelligence site.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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