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Siddaramaiah rebuffs exorcist, followers left shivering

Wed, Jun 29, 2016, 12:47 PM
Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah's followers are at present taken in by fear that something untoward might befall their leader.

Their fear arises from the fact that Siddaramaiah had recently rebuffed an exorcist who had asked the Chief Minister to wear a cloth specially prepared for him. Siddaramaiah told him plainly he did not believe in such practices.

The black magic expert from the notorious Kollegala in South Karnataka then pleaded with the Chief Minister that his wife was sick so the chief Minister should help him out. Then Siddaramaiah got enraged and scolded the exorcist that many people were getting enriched by fooling the people through black magic.

The exorcist went out, got into a bus, and cursed the Chief Minister from the driver's seat.

The Siddaramaiah followers, who followed the exorcist, are now filled with angst that something bad might befall their leader. Their anxiety stems from the fact that Kollegala in southern Karnatka is notorious for black magic. People go all the way to Kollegala for directing evil at their enemies. In fact, the Congress Party, of which Siddaramaiah is the Chief Minister, had several times charged the JD(U) with cursing their party through Kollegala black monks.

Siddaramaiah rule is not all that clean either. He was charged with wearing one of the costliest watches on the planet given as a bribe, among other things. Naturally Siddaramaiah's followers are worried.

They need not worry, going by their leader's name. For, Siddharamaiah suggests psychosomatic perfection. In any case, all political Rams are Ayarams or Gayarams. So why worry?
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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