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Brexit Britons tell foreigners `Leave It'

Mon, Jun 27, 2016, 05:35 PM
While an estimated 30% of Britons didn't know what the EU stood for, they suddenly got smart and turned xenophobic, telling outsiders to `go back.' They parted with the Europeans, and now they want the non-British to go where they belonged and not to cut into their jobs.

Graffiti appeared in Cambridgeshire saying `Go Back'to foreigners.

Poitical leader with statesmanlike pretentions like Tony Blair are worried about `Leave It' after Brexit. A Frenchman talking to his friend in their native language in Kensington in London was told to `Leave, leave' because he refused to reveal his surname.

Blair said: `We have a divided country, but there is a possibility of bringing people together if we are sensible about it.'

On Twitter, one woman wrote about a older woman telling a Polish woman with her baby to get off the bus on a busy London route.

In Birmingham, a father recounted his son telling him about a group of whites cornering a Muslim girl there, telling her `Get Out, We Voted Leave.'
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