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Asked for essay on Tulsidas, Bihar topper simply scrawls, Tulsidasji pranam

Mon, Jun 27, 2016, 10:56 AM
Asked to write an essay on Saint Tulsidas, what did the Bihar topper, Ruby Rai, write? Simply `Tulsidasji pranam.'

While the girl was arrested following the Bihar School Education Board scandal, the humble two-word answer for an essay says it all. The Bihar system was at fault, what could the girl do when she was asked to retake the exam following the scandal in the board?

For Saint Tulsidas sang: Tulsi bharose Ram ke/Nirbhay ho ke soi/Anhoni honi nahi/Honi hoi se hoi/
It translates: `Leave it to Lord Ram/ And sleep fearless/ Unpredictable isn't going to happen/What will be shall be.'

For the fault of the system, the girl and three other toppers were arrested, interrogated. The girl told her interrogators that she had studied for 2 years for the exam, and did not remember anything.

As things happening in Bihar are under microscope, the authorities had to find the scapegoats, and Ruby was one of them.

Asked what was political science was about, she said `prodical science' was about cooking. She had scored 444 marks out of maximum 500 for topping in Bihar.

After her arrest, she was asked to wear a mask, as if the authorities were afraid to show the reflection of their face.
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