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Suicide bomber refuses to attack India, gladly dies in self-inflicted blast

Wed, Jun 22, 2016, 12:16 PM
A Bollywood-style video that ends with telling line, Fakr Hai? (Are You Proud to be Indian?), is making belated waves on the internet.

The video is set in a desolate ISIS camp, wherein a terrorist handler, gives the assignments to terrorists. The handler tells one to attack America, another to another destination, and the third to attack India. But the third terrorist refuses to take the assignment, saying India is a great nation, where secularism is implemented in full.

Then the video shows the freedom struggle and sacrifices of the martyrs.

The focus is then back on the ISIS camp, where are there two tents. The handler tells the third terrorist to go check the internet and read books as to why he should attack India.

The pro-Indian terrorist checks the internet, reads the books, and is more than convinced about the greatness of India.

The handler calls the terrorist again about the India assignment. The terrorist again refuses. The handler gives him a time-bomb to carry out the deed. He refuses. The handler and another terrroist start to take back the bomb from the pro-India terrorist. In the struggle, and the resultant confusion, the timer of the bomb starts ticking. The handler and the other terrorist make good their way to safety.

The pro-Indian terrorist who holds it gladly draws it closer to his heart. The explosion follows.

The video ends with the question, `Fakr Hai?'

Melodramatic, but great!

The video has been made in connection with 67th Independence Day celebrations.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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