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Fasting Mudragada locks himself up at home, threatens police with insecticide bottle

Thu, Jun 09, 2016, 11:39 AM
Armed with an inseticide bottle, Kapu supremo Mudragada Padmanabham on Thursday confronted the police who had come to his residence to arrest him, warning them to go back or he would consume the contents.

If indeed they wanted to arrest him, they should send the CID police who had prepared a case against him. In any case, he would not yield to the khaki-clad police.

If they showed any extra-force to arrest him by breaking open the closed doors in his house, he was ready to consume the contents of the insecticide bottle.

The police were stunned into silence by the harangue of Mudragada from a window of his house locked up from inside.

The police who managed to break the human cordon formed by strong Kapu youth somehow appeared at the window, only to be browbeaten by the Kapu leader.

Mudragada was visibly shaken as he hammered away at the police. He was in fact shaking from head to foot as he fired away at the police.

`Who are you to arrest me? Go tell the CID police who filed a case against me to pick me up. In any case, I won't be yielding because the case was filed in Amalapuram.

`If you are arresting me in connection with Tuni violence, Pl tell me. If it's Tuni-related case I am liable for arrest,' he told the stunned police.

`Pl go back. If you find it necessary, send the CID police to me,' he added.

As Mudragada said these words, the police remained mute spectators.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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