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Combined AP's division drove remnant into abyss, says CM

Thu, Jun 02, 2016, 11:55 AM
People would normally celebrate state's formation. But the split of the combined Andhra Pradesh had done injustice to the remnant State. As a result, Andhra Pradesh is observing the resolve of rededication and reconstruction, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said after administering a pledge to the people on Thursday.

Speaking at the public meeting at Benz circle in Vijayawada, Chandrababu recalled that he had never believed that so much injustice would be meted out to AP. `June 2 is Independence Day for Italy. For us it is division day, a day when Andhras' stomoch was slit across,' he added.

He said he had told the then Central government that if you have to split the State, you do justice to AP. If you do not want to split, then make Telangana agree to that. The then Central government did not take AP's pleas or problems into account. Despite hectic efforts, the unscientific split was carried out regardless.

The injutice meted out to Andhra Pradesh was such that it could not recover. There was no yardstick in carrying out the split.

The Andhras had already suspected a conspiracy and came out into the streets. The employees leaders such as Ashok Babu started agitation, which was laudable.

For keeping the combined Andhra Pradesh intact, the people, the students and the employees had come out into the streets.

As it happened: Parliament's doors were closed, CCTV cameras were switched off, and in the ensuing darkness the division of Andhra Apradesh was carried out, the Chief Minister added angrily.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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