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Do as Modi is doing, Cisco chief tells US

Mon, May 30, 2016, 05:04 PM
By far the best comment on the Narendra Modi government has come from Cisco Chairman John chambers who advised the US leadership, `Do as Modi is doing in India.'
Regardless of the Congress and Opposition stalling the Goods and Services Tax Bill and so on, the Cisco Chairman is re-echoing Modi mantras of `Make in India' and `Start Up India.' He said the next Presdient, Democrat or Republican, should take the cue from Modi.

Chambers paid a compliment to Modi when he said by leveraging technology, Modi was creating jobs. Talking about `digital manufacturing India', `A digital start up India' and by redoing regulation, India would be creating million jobs a month.

By providing cheap and fast broadband to every citizen in India, Modi would be changing healthcare and education in the country. Chambers said this is what US national debate should be about.

The Cisco chief said the average American was seeing a rise of 10-15% pay rise over next decade. And Modi wants to double the income of the Indian farmer.

The Congress and the leftist opposition should see the writing on the wall. With every digital visitor praising Modi policies, the people are convinced, while the leaders are lagging behind.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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