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Bangalore baby sets weight record at 6.82 kg

Sat, May 28, 2016, 12:27 PM
A mother in Bangalore gave birth to a baby boy that set a record for the weight at birth weighing 6.82 kg. The previous record was 5.82 kg in India.

Nandini geve birth to the record-breaking baby boy at HIMS hospital in Bangalore. Both the mother and baby are in fine fettle.

At birth, the average weight of a baby is 7.5 pounds, though the range is normal between 2500 grams and ten pounds. Less than that is low birth weight.

Babay's birth weight is a marker for its general health. That is why the first question asked is, `What is the weight of the baby?'

Low birth weight is a matter of worry for the parents, because they would be anxious it may not keep good health. High birth weight could mean obesity. So the parents prefer average weight for their babies.
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