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After Aurangzeb, Haryanvi guns for Emperor Akbar

Wed, May 18, 2016, 11:42 AM
These days some leaders are more loyal than the King. Take, for instance, the need for renaming of roads. Aurangzeb Road in Delhi was renamed as Abdul Kalam Road. Now Akbar road is sought to be renamed as Ranapratap road.

Akbar road is sought to be changed because Maha Ranapratap is `truly secular' and `man of the masses'. The recommendation has been made by the Haryana government, and endorsed by Gen V.K. Singh, Union Minister.

Now, are we witnessing a `de-Mugalising' of Indian history? Where is the need for such changes? Aurangzeb ruled India. This fact cannot be denied. History tells us Emperor Akbar was a secular ruler. So why change Akbar and put his contemporary, Ranapratap, in his place?

If the Haryana government and Gen V.K. Singh are so demanding, then any new road that is laid in Delhi or Haryana could be named after Maha Ranapratap. Akbar road could remain.

Gen V.K. Singh had written to Urban Development Minister, Venkaiah Naidu, that the name change should be carried out immediately. `You would be aware that he (Maharana Pratap) was not only instrumental in stopping the might of Mughal King Akbar, but he was truly secular and a man of the masses,' the General added.

Akbar Road in Delhi is proper because the Emperor ruled from Delhi. Since Maharana Pratap is of Mewar, it would be proper to name any road linking Delhi to Jaipur as Maharana Pratap highway instead of disturbing Akbar road.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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