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Honey trap & supari swing Agusta helicopter deal

Fri, May 06, 2016, 01:00 PM
There's everything one expects in a shady deal, including honey trap and beetel-nut (supari), in the AgustaWestland helicopters deal by which top Congress leadership had received kickbacks, notwithstanding tracing the money trail.

Middleman Christian Michel in the Agusta deal employed a blond Chritine Bredo Spliid by parading her before the power brokers in Delhi and also provided a venue for them to socialise in Dubai.

So there was everything in the plot, kickbacks, foreign jaunts and the blonde, just for the asking. Needless to say the deal was swung at exorbitant rates to the detriment of Indian exchequer and to the benefit of the power brokers and top politicians in Delhi.

Who revealed Blond Christine Bredo's lead role in swinging the deal? Gautam Khaitan, who was already booked in the deal, said it all to the investigating authorities. He said Christine Bredo visited India several times for the benefit of the power brokers and politicians between 2010 and 2013.

Gautam Khaitan reportedly confessed to the authorities that Christine Bredo, then in her 20s, was given the task to trap government officials and politicians in Delhi and lure them to Dubai, if they so desired.

To cover up the track, Christian Michel, the middleman, made her a director in one of his companies for the benefit of Indians, Beetel Nut Home Ltd., of which the people of the Sub-Continent are so fond of Pan-supari. Beetel Nut company was indeed used as front to route the kickbacks.

Blong Bredo is now an entrepreneur in her own right.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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