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Gulmohar Kaur may bring peace with Pakistan

Tue, May 03, 2016, 05:57 PM
A girl of 19, Gulmohar Kaur, has started a placards war with Pakistan after her father had died in the Kargil War in 1999.

Gulmohar, the bright red flower that blossoms in the summer, is firing straight questions at both Pakistan and India by way of placards. She puts what she wants to say on a placard and appears with it in her Facebook account.

Her first placard said her father had died in the Kargil War. As a result she could not enjoy the father's love and affection. She was a baby when the father had died.

Gulmohar put up another placard saying it was because of Pakistan's aggression that her father had died. Therefore, she was opposed to Pakistan and its people.

The next placard said that when she was aged 6, a woman in burqa had tried to kill her.

The following placard said that her mother had explained to her that it was not Pakistan that killed her father but that he had died in the war. It was then that she realized the truth, another placard said.

The next placard said that ever since she had been fighting for peace. The next one said she was fighting for peace between India and Pakistan. The further one said both the countries must strive for peace.

The following series of Gulmohar's placards pointed out that Germany and the US had reconciled and Japan and the US had reconciled after the two Great Wars. Why then should Pakistan and India not adopt peace, she asked.

Gulmohar then pointed out the peoples of both the countries were wanting peace through more placards. Terrorism, spying, mutual bickering should be shunned, the next series said. Border killings must end, further placards said.

Along with the placards war, Gulmohar has also prepared a video about her pleadings. The video is now making the rounds in the social media. Her approach to the issue has been admired by the netizens.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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