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Modi bid to assuage Judges' sentiments

Mon, Apr 25, 2016, 11:30 AM
The increasing criticism of the judiciary from all quarters made the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court TS Thakur to break down into tears on Sunday.

Because of the extraordinary turn of sentiments at the High Court Chief Justices' conference, the Prime Minister had to intervene to set right the matters.

Modi had no judicial solution to offer, but he had the sense to infuse some humour into the charged atmosphere.

When his turn came, the Prime Minister revealed an anecdote to lighten the atmosphere, wherein the Chief Justice of India revealed that the Judiciary had to solve 30 million cases in the country with just 3000 judges.

Modi said as Chief Minister, he used to attend the judiciary conferences regularly. At one such meet, he suggested to the judges that they should increase the working of the courts so as to solve the menace of pending cases.

This was enough to turn the judges against him. After the day's meeting was over, the judges rushed to him as if to break his neck for the thoughtless suggestion.

The Judges asked him how he could you make such a suggestion when the Judges were already overburdened with cases.

Modi's anecdote had the salutary effect on sunday's meeting, making Judges aware on the one hand that they do not want executive interference in the matter and that they would brook no change in the status quo.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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