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UN finds shocking response to its ruling on domestic violence

Mon, Apr 18, 2016, 04:18 PM
Two score years ago, the United Nations Organisation ruled that any kind of ill-treatment to women is unwarranted anywhere in the world. The UN reviewed the situation today and found shocking details.

In East Timor in South-East Asia, 81% of the teenaged girls have agreed that subjecting women to domestic violence was all right. The girls of Kiribati, Salmon islands, Ethiopia and Bhutan also admit their ill-treatment is understandable.

In India and Pakistan, 50% women believe that under certain circumstances, ill-treatment of women is okay.

In Ethiopia, where there is 71% domestic violence against women, 68.8% women in fact agreed with the treatment meted out to them. Their argument is, `What, when the curry is burnt, mustn't the housewife be beaten?'

In the Asia-Pacific countries, 51% women and 21% males assented domestic violence.

The sorry statistics have exasperated the UN. It deplored that the male-dominated society was still defending domestic violence.

While domestic violence as a whole was on the decline, illiteracy, joblessness and traditional male dominance were still justifying doemstic violence.

Awareness of women's safety alone will improve the conditions in these countries, the UN said.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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