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Nargis Fakri faints doing dance number for `Azhar'

Thu, Apr 14, 2016, 04:01 PM
Bollywood Star Nargis Fakri on Thursday suddenly took ill while swooning over an additional dance number for the film `Azhar' based on the life and playing career of Hyderabad-born Mohammad Azharuddin, former India Cricket Captain.

Already Nargis Fakri was ill under the summer weather. As she participated in the dance number, she felt giddy and fainted.

The film `Azhar' is set for release on May 13. As there was not much time to lose, the producers wanted her to take part in the shooting, although she was unwell. But the hurrying up went against them, and they may have lost lakhs of rupees following the setback to Nargis' health.

`Azhar' is based on the life and career of Azharuddin. It has Imran Hashmi and Nargis Fakri (as second wife) in the lead. The film shooting is however complete. The dance number was said to be an additional song for the film.

Local lad Azharuddin had however said some time ago that it was not his biopic.

However he may have been portrayed in the film, Azharuddin happens to be one of the best finds of Indian cricket for scoring three Test centuries in a row against the English side on debut.

Besides, India is yet to find a fielder like him, who could make even complex catches look like a plaything.

For all his contributions to Team India, it's a nagging pain for the people of Hyderabad that Azhar had been denied 100th Test appearance.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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