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Gang-rape victim tells Law not to make her relive it again and again

Thu, Apr 14, 2016, 11:33 AM
A gang-rape victim celebrated the conviction of her rapists by distributing sweets among the visitors to the All-India Democratic Women's Association office in New Delhi on Wednesday evening.

Earlier, seated in a chair at the women's office, the Ashiana gang-rape victim waited with bated breath for the conviction message at 4.30 pm. As she received the word, she began to celebrate with those around.

On May 2, 2005, Gaurav Shukla and his friends pulled her into a moving car. They pinned her to a seat and took turns to rape her and explored her body with a gun and by scorching her with burning cigarette butts amid loud music, liquor and laughter in Delhi streets. `It's my turn to celebrate today,' the victim proudly said.

She suffered the shame for 11 years, every single day. `I want Shukla and his friends to suffer for life, the way I've suffered for over a decade,' she added.

At the time of her traumatic experience, she was 13, and today she is in Class 11. Now she wants to become a judge. `I had to wait 11 years for justice. The present system of delayed justice allows the perpetrator to move around freely, while the rape victim is forced to suffer.'

As a judge, she wants to scrap the practice of taking multiple statements from a rape victim. `Her statement should be taken just once, and the recording must be used for future references. The law must understand that each time a rape victim is made to narrate her experience, she is made to undergo it all over again,' she added.

The family hailing from Assam wanted to return to their village to forget the ignominy, but she would have none of it. `I decided to fight to the end.'

The end has come. She would like to start her new life with a prayer by visiting Ajmer Sharif.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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