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India tightens security as Pak makes 100 attempts to infiltrate in 2015

Mon, Apr 11, 2016, 10:57 AM
As Pakistan had made 100 attempts to infiltrate armed men into India, the Indian government has drawn up a five-layer plan to neutralise Islamabad's moves. Indian shares a 2,900-kilometre border with Pakistan.

It costs Rs 1 crore to lay the preventive barrier. The aim is to curb attempts such as on the Pathankot airbase. But then, going by reports then, Pathankot airbase attack occurred because the Indian security establishment was compromised by ISI's phoney honeytrap call centre. The Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence had set up the call centre to specifically lure the Indian security men invovlved in the borders.

The prime example of such compromise is none other than the then Pathankot Superintendent of police, Salwinder Singh, who is already known to be a `colourful character'. He gave his official car with headlights to the Pakistani terroritsts who got `official entry' into the airbase to carry out the attack.

So the five-line border should have at least one barrier where the civilian police are barred, going by the Salwinder Singh experience in particular and the Punjab police in general.

The five-line barier is expected to have CCTV cameras, thermal imagery, night vision devices laser barriers and a control centre set up every 5 to 6 km.

Two such control centres have already been started, one each in Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir a few days ago.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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