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US Conservation not amused by giant alligator killing on dairyfarm

Wed, Apr 06, 2016, 11:40 AM
A giant alligator was killed in Florida as it was feasting on cows on a dairy farm there. This incident has now been questioned by the US Wildlife Conservation. The point at issue is which life is important, the giant alligator's or the cows.

The facts of the case are as follows. A dairy farmer has seen his cattle stock being attacked by alligators. He hired a hunter who shot the giant alligator. The dairy farmer posed with the killed alligator, which was 15 ft long, and gained a lot of publicity.

Wildlife Conservation chafed at the killing of the alligator.

In the mythical Gajendramoksha, the Lord comes to the rescue of the elephant and kills the crocodile. Had He been summoned by the victim cows on the Florida farm, He would have similarly killed the alligator becasue cow is the sacred animal for the people in India.

In the US, where there are no such sentiments for the cow as such, the giant alligator's life too is important. But the hunter makes a neat package of $10,000 for each alligator killing.

The US Wildlife Conservation is not at all amused. They are making a case against the killing of alligators on the Florida farm, where alligators between 4 and 15 feet are regularly killed.
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