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Stem cells can be used for growing hair on bald pate

Sat, Apr 02, 2016, 03:34 PM
Those balding or totally bald can expect hair on their heads if the ongoing experiment reported in the Journal of Science Advances is commercialised. That may take a decade from now.

Japanese scientists have successfully transplanted mice with lab-grown skin. The scientists have taken stem cells made from mouse's gums. They have managed to craft skin with multiple layers. When implanted into a nude mouse with a suppressed immune system, the rat sprouted hair.

The scientists expect 5 to 10 years to translate hair growth on a bald pate of the humans.

There are culturing and grafting techniques already developed, but the stem cell based transplanting is said to be easier option.

Top scientist Takashi Tsuji said the dream of regrowing personalised organs was now beginning to materialise.
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