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Dhoni pranks journalist on retirement question

Fri, Apr 01, 2016, 02:53 PM
Mumbai, April 1: Following India's defeat by the West Indies in the World Twenty20 semi-finals, Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the post-match press conference made fun of an Australian journalist when the latter asked the captain about his retirement plans after the tournament.

After India's seven-wicket loss at the Wankhede Stadium here on Thursday which eliminated the hosts from the tournament, a journalist from Cricket Australia asked Dhoni whether, after the Indian team's exit, Dhoni, at 34, was keen to play on.

Dhoni then responded by asking the journalist to repeat the question, and when he did that, the skipper asked the journalist to join him on stage.

"Come here, let's have some fun. I am serious, come here," Dhoni said while he shifted to the chair adjacent to his.

The journalist joined Dhoni on the stage.

After seating the journalist next to him, Dhoni asked him, “Do you think I am unfit?" The journalist responded: “Not that I want... That's what I want to ask you.”

“I was hoping it was an Indian media guy because I can't really ask you if you have a son or a brother who is a wicketkeeper. Do you think I am unfit, looking at my running?" Dhoni asked the journalist.

“No. You're very fast,” the journalist replied.

The skipper again asked, “Do you think I can survive till the 2019 World Cup?"

The journalist replied, “You should, yes, sure.”

“Then you have answered the question." Dhoni said as he patted the Australian journalist and the latter got up and walked back to his seat.

Dhoni wasn’t done yet.

He added, “I wish it was an Indian media person. Then I would have asked if he has a son who is a wicket-keeper and ready to play. He would have said no, then I would have said maybe a brother who is a wicket-keeper and who is ready to play. You fired the right ammunition at the wrong time."

Dhoni was earlier in several press conferences asked by the Indian media persons about his plans for retirement, and Dhoni replied that he would like to play on as much time as he wants.
Agency: IANS

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