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Britain tests its non-EU employees with 35000+ pound income threshold to stay back

Wed, Mar 16, 2016, 04:47 PM
Britain is overstretching its non-European Employees telling them to prove that they are drawing 35000 pounds per annum to stay on or pack their bags and go home.

British Home Secretary Teresa May is being urged to rethink the `discriminatory' earnings threshold of 35000 pounds for the non-EU immigrants. Those who have made the appeal have warned that Britain will be starved of vital talent in the teaching, charity and other sectors if the threshold limit comes into operation.

Under the new rules, overseas employees, who have completed 5 years in Britain, will have to prove that they will be paid the threshold limit to stay back or pack their bags. Otherwise they will have to face deportation.

In the National Health Service, however, the nurses have been exempt from the new threshold owing to shortage of medical personnel.

There are fears that the limit might threaten Britain being in the forefront of the global economy. There are real concerns that key industries might be affected.

A signature campaign against the new Home Policy is taking shape in the country. Some 2000 signatures have been collected. If the figure reaches 10,000, the new Home Policy could be contested in court, giving breathing space to the overseas employees.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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