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Donald Trump rubs allies on the wrong side, invites major diplomatic wrath

Tue, Mar 08, 2016, 11:53 AM
The controversial Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has created a big diplomatic row by rubbing the various friendly nations of the US on the wrong side.

Trump has unveiled his foreign policy by rubbing the Middle East and Muslim nations on the wrong side, stating his regime would introduce `water-boarding' of ISIS and other elements.

By giving a mouthful to Latinos in the US, he had chafed the Mexicans, Cubans and others of Latin America, whose people constitute millions of illegal immigrants in the US.

Although he had said nothing specific against the Indian immigrants, Trump quickly retraced and said good things about the Indians. He has in fact patted India.

But India is also stated to be among the nations that have complained through the diplomatic channels about their displeasure about `Trumpisms' in the course of his presidential race speeches.

India would do well to steer clear of the diplomatic row because Trump is very likely to get the Republican nomination. Moreover he had not said anything to shame Indians, so why should New Delhi take the Americanisms or Trumpisms to heart.

Significantly, the countries that stated their wrath against Trump include Britain, which had always regarded the US as Big Brother and rode piggy-back on it, militarily, diplomatically and otherwise. It would be interesting to see what would happen in the British referendum on staying in the European Union if Trump goes on the rampage in regard to the UK.

The others who have felt aggrieved by the Republican nominee are France and Canada. The latter being the immediate neighbour of the US, Canada would not take it as mere neighbourly banter.

Mexico is cut up because of Trump warning to construct a wall on the boundary to prevent the Mexicans from flowing in. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has warned that the bilateral relations would take a hit if Trump continued his tirade.

The Middle East nations bemoaned that Trump was using the language of the ISIS such as water-boarding. Indeed, it is the US that is using water-boarding in the Guantanamo bay on the Al Qaida terrorists captured with the help of Pakistan and others.

The Asian allies of the US such as South Korea and Japan also took exception to Trump's remarks, although why they feel rubbed on the wrong side is not clearly known.

All said and done, observers say this is perhaps for the first time that a US presidential candidate has caused a major diplomatic row.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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