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Laden raised fifth column against India in Pak

Wed, Mar 02, 2016, 06:04 PM
`India plans to attack Pakistan' is one of the notes al Quaida chief, Osama bin Laden, made to create a war between the two sub-continental neighbours. Laden plan was to turn Pakistan into a jihadist country and then run the fifth column for creating a war between India and Pakistan.

What's there in it for Laden? Jihad, in which he believed firmly. Then Caliphate which every Arab dreams of. It's a rollback of the Crusades all over again.

These revelations form part of the Laden notes seized by American Seals following their raid on the Abottabad bungalow of Osama bin Laden in the heart of Pakistani army garrison there. He is stated to have made some 100 notes in all.

What else did Laden note about India? Laden used to constantly warn Pakistan about an imminent Indian attack. In a booklet`Jihad in Pakistan', Laden noted that it was a conspiracy by the US to further dismember Pakistan.

`But for actually starting a war, India had started all programmes to be prepared for war. India has purchased 134 jets from various countries. This would be one of the biggest war planes deals in the world.'

All these Laden notes form part of `India plans to attack Pakistan' chapter.

The Al Quaida chief noted Indian arms training under the British, Indo-American nuclear co-operation, nuclear reactors in India, alleged Indian use of an Israeli satellite for surveillance on Pakistan.

Suffice it to say that Laden was the fifth column for Pakistan against India as much as America. Significantly, the fifth column is intact in Pakistan.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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