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Nehru wants RGV to remove `Devineni,' `Vangaveeti' from songs

Sat, Feb 27, 2016, 04:24 PM
Devineni Nehru, Congress leader, has given sound advice to the controversial film-maker, Ramgopal Verma, not to renew the blood feud in Vijayawada through his film `Vangaveeti.'

Devineni urged the film-maker to edit the songs in the film so as not to mention the names of the families that had blood feud.

Devineni had been frantic in tracking down and speaking to the film-maker. He was on the Delhi-Hyderabad-Vijayawada flight that brought both the leaders to Vijayawada on Friday. But they did not talk during the flight.

In their long talk on Saturday running to more than an hour, Devineni is reported to have urged the film-maker not to give `Vangaveeti' undue publicity. The blood feud that was there 30 years ago had ended. Both the Vangaveeti and Devineni families had suffered.

Moreover, Vijayawada was at present peaceful coming within the capital region of AP.

The people in general do not want the film `Vangaveeti' to rake up unncessary passions.

Not that Ramgopal Verma is not aware of the propensity of Vijayawada for crime. He was brought up there.

Everything is normal, and suddenly sodawater bottles fly all round. Some people are hurt. Vijayawada cannot afford to see those type of incidents again.
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