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Mad fight over currency notes in dumping yard

Tue, Feb 23, 2016, 01:59 PM
`It's a Mad Mad World.' That's the title of a Hollywood film in which people run after currency notes, fight it out and lose them all. In a repeat of the film in reality, the workers and security personnel at Jawaharnagar in Hyderabad came to blows over the spoils allegedly dumped in a bag in the dumping yard.

Some of the smart people in the yard however doubted about the currency notes in the bag being genuine and did the best thing by ringing up the police.

The police who rushed in agreed with the workers that they should not have come to blows before knowing whether the notes were real or fake. They, however, took into possession the notes remaining with the security guards and started investigations.

For all one knows, the currency notes could be real because in case of large transactions such as buying a land or flat, people generally carry their monies in such a fashion as not to raise doubts of stealers, attention diverters and so on.

The housewife may have seen the shabby looking bag in her house and dumped it for municipal workers to collect. Owing to the rough handling, some of the notes may have spilled in the yard, causing the big fight.

In any case, the police are expected to say one way or the other shortly.

Further, security guards at dumping yard is a new post one hears about.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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