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Oil wealth down the drain, Saudis look for jobs

Fri, Feb 19, 2016, 04:22 PM
The Saudis are used to living a life of luxury but are now looking for jobs.

The Saudi opulence is legendary in the world. Going round the world with diplomatic immunity marrying, womanising and doing worse, they could get away from the laws of the various lands, including the UK and USA with impunity, on account of the country's oil wealth.

Since the commodity that brought them opulence coming down to $30 a barrel from $100 a year ago, the Saudis are seeing signs of their oil wealth going down the drain.

They are now appearing in western clothes, giving up their head-to-toe white gowns they used to wear, and looking around for jobs.

Already three job melas have been organised in capital Riyadh for the Saudi youth this year. They are no more special in their own country having to seek jobs and serving the Royals. Hitherto they led royal lives even while being commoners with jobless allowance, free education, free medical health and so on. They led a free-for-all lives with the royals only ensuring they do not rebel.

Now they have been forced to pull up their socks and work. Used as they are to opulence, would they look for jobs or go to the ISIS because of Wahabbism, the extreme form of Islam that they practise.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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