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ISIS possesses a `dirty bomb': Damage unthinkable

Fri, Feb 19, 2016, 11:13 AM
What has all along been feared by the civilized world is now holding terror that an IR-192 bomb, also called the dirty bomb, is now in the possession of the ISIS terrorists who might use it any time on any city of the peaceful world.

Efforts to make a dirty bomb have been made by Pakistan-based Al Qaida groups in the past. But they only held out a threat to create another 9/11 like situation.

Now the threat appears real, and the dirty bomb is very likely in the possession of the ISIS. The threat follows because the dirty bomb that could be manufactured in a laptop-like box has been stolen from Basra in Iraq.

The Iraqi authorities, who were in possession of it, since when nobody knows, have reported that a dirty bomb in their possession has been stolen from Basra. The Iraqi authorities are making frantic efforts to trace it back. But if it had been stolen by the ISIS, it is sure to be used on any city of their choice.

IR-192 is short form of Iridium-192, which has accounted for the majority of cases tracked by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in which radioactive materials have gone missing. In quantities large enough, IR-192 can be manufactured into a dirty bomb.

While it is not clearly known, was the dirty bomb in possession of Saddam Hussein whose regime in Iraq was hunted down by the Anglo-US joint force? Had it since been stored in Basra for a later-day use? The terrifying answers will take time to be revealed.

Iridium is a radio-active material that is used in laboratories to find chinks in metals. It has a half-life of 241 years. In large quantities, it can do unthinkable damage to cities, ending life of the citizens at one go.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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