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US engineers warn of Tigris dam burst & toll in lakhs

Mon, Feb 15, 2016, 05:25 PM
A dam burst on the Tigris and subsequent flood toll running into hundreds of thousands is waiting to happen across Mosul, Tikrit and Baghdad in Iraq.

The threat has not been voiced by terrorist ISIS but by American engineers who have studied the safety aspects for the Mosul dam on the Tigris. They point out that the dam built on clay, sandstone and gypsum could turn brittle and burst as waters rush in.

The Mosul dam was projected as the most dangerous in the world 10 years ago. But the governments could not devote time to repair it, for terrorism was a more pressing problem.

In the worst case scenario, a high water wall of 180 ft would rush through and affect Capital Baghdad 180 miles away, submerging Mosul in 65 ft water and Tikrit in 50 ft and Baghdad in 13 ft water in its rapid run.

Even as repairs to the dam were being carried out, the terrorist ISIS occupied the town, putting paid to all efforts. The terrorists stopped ongoing work on hydel project on the dam. As a result, water is not diverted and started getting accumulated.

American engineers submitted a report on the dangers to the Mosul dam in January, but the Iraqi government dismissed it as a ploy by the US to introduce more troops into Iraq. Instead the government has called for global tenders and given the work to an Italian firm, which is yet to take it up.

Great builders that they are, the Iraqi people are repositories of the Babylonia and Mesopotamian civilisations, who have influenced the West. Have the Iraqis gone to seed not seeing dangers lurking?
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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