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Ex-slave women to wreak havoc in ISIS ranks

Thu, Feb 11, 2016, 03:50 PM
The former ISIS slave women are now waging a war on their abusers. Hundreds of Yazidi women have formed an all-female battalion called the 'Sun Ladies' and are to launch a massive assault on Mosul.

In all 500 Yazidi women have taken up arms after escaping horrific abuse at the hands of ISIS terrorists.

Driven by collective desire for revenge and to preserve the future of their race, they have taken cudgels on behalf the Yazidis to fight off the ISIS menace.

The women were captured and taken captive when the ISIS slaughtered thousands of their sect in 2014. Somehow they have escaped from the clutches of the ISIS terrorists and grouped together to give it back to the Caliphate.

The women have teamed up with Kurdish forces to launch a parallel operation to retake Mosul.

Both the Yazidis and Kurds are peoples who have been wronged for long in West Asia.

As the women scorned, the Yazidis would like to give it back in full measure to the Caliphate.

Should the women succeed in their brave efforts, it would be interesting what kind of actions they would take on the ISIS.

Knowing the ways of debauchery of the Islamic forces, the women could easily wrought havoc in ISIS ranks.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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