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Islamabad fools the world again with Masood `arrest'

Fri, Jan 15, 2016, 01:34 PM
Pakistan's duplicity in regard to the arrest of Jaish-e-Muhammad chief in connection with the Pathankot Airbase terror attack continues. Islamabad runs with its home-grown terrorists and hunts against India.

Islamabad claims to have put the Jaishe chief under house arrest. After Masood Azhar's role in the Pathankot is proven, he would be formally arrested, Islamabad has announced.

This means Pakistan is continuing its denial stance. It was forced to put him under house arrest primarily because of pressure from its friend and master, the USA.

The world opinion has already cornered Pakistan in the Pathankot Airbase terror attack. They have also suggested to New Delhi to destroy Pakistani madrasas and terror centres in POK.

The world cannot do more than that. It's now for New Delhi to have the nerve and force Pakistan to compensate for the Pathankot attack. India should also make Pakistan to pay through its nose for all the atrocities it had perpetrated in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Mumbai and the Indian Parliament itself.

Now is the time to have the nerve and make Pakistan pay.

Terror outfit Jaishe Muhammad is however adamant. It asserted that its chief, Masood Azhar, could never be arrested.

The terror outfit declared: “Disbelievers and hypocrites across the world are celebrating our arrest, but the arrest never happened.

“Even if they happen, what difference will it make? No difference, except one. Allah willing, there will be more enthusiasm and excitement among people of the faith, and the work of jihad will gather more strength and energy.”

Jaishe posted this message on its Facebook page.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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