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Letter posted after death moves social media

Thu, Jan 07, 2016, 06:29 PM
Heather McNami and Jeff have a daughter Paula Briani. They had a wonderful and colourful life. But all that changed after Heather was diagnosed with breast cancer. She succumbed to the cancer after a struggle.

However, Heather wrote a letter to Jeff. She told him to open the letter and post it in Facebook after her death.

The letter reads:

Dear All:

You have good news, bad news.
The bad news is I'm dead.
Good news is you are reading the letter.
I have led a very happy life. I have received lots of love and affection. Good friends that i have are a God's gift. Getting Jeff as husband is my good fortune. Don't tell our baby Briani I'm in heaven. She will not lose hope that her mother is somewhere in this world. Don't weep for me. Just remember me everyday.
Bye Bye

This letter has moved many a netizen in the social media. Reading it is like an oasis, say many of those suffering from different stages of cancer.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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