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200 Muslim men sacked by Colorado meat firm over prayer break

Mon, Jan 04, 2016, 01:38 PM
Cargill Meat-Packing Solutions firm has sacked over 200 Muslim immigrants over their demand for a prayer break on the ground that the time given to them in this regard is inadequate. The Muslims, immigrants from Somalia, were working at Fort Morgan, Colorado unit.

The employees allege that the company had first agreed to their demand for prayer time, but subsequently backed out stating there was a change in its policies.

On the contrary, the employees were told, "If you want to offer prayers, you go home and do it." This was stated in the sack letters to the employees, according to Tribune.com.

Commenting on the dismissal of the employees, American-Islamic Relations Council representative Jailani Hussain said: "All the 200 are good employees. They have no avocation other than work. If you compare their fear of losing jobs against their trust in the faith, they firmly believe that they get more blessings by offering prayers and, threfore, firm in their faith."

The US is noted for its tolerance in regard to the construction of religious sites such as mosques and temples, but apparently the work ethic carries greater weight.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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