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Lift uplifts one to saving glory even as he falls

Sat, Jan 02, 2016, 06:09 PM
Two people were going to attend a New Year's Night party at Manhattan in New York. A man and a woman, Stephen Hewitt and Erud Sanchez, headed for the lift. Since the parties take place on the penthouse, they almost reached the top floor. As the door was opening, there was a big pull and thud in the lift. Stephen realized something was wrong. Erud was preparing to get out but

Erud did not realize the emergency like Stephen felt. So Stephen used all hig might to push her out of the lift. She was saved.

Unseen by them, the steel cable of the lift was snapping. Immediately after Erud was out, the rope snapped, giving Stephen no time to jump out to safety. Even as he went down with the lift, he wished all those he could see a Happy New Year.

After the lift hit the ground, Stephen was seriously injured. When he was admitted to hospital, Stephen was declared brought dead.
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