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Tired of living like enemies with India: Sharif's new dawn in Pakistan

Thu, Dec 31, 2015, 05:16 PM
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says he is tired of living like enemies with India. The neighbours cannot afford to live like enemies anymore.

Sharif said so in an interview with `Dawn' on the occasion of opening of Sino-Pakistani economic corridor.

Inviting India for talks on all issues and disputes, the Prime Minister said it would not be possible for the neighbours to live like enemies anymore.

He has also advised Pakistan's National Security Adviser Nasir Janjuva to keep in daily touch with Indian officials.

It might be the devil quoting the scriptures, one could have said at another time. Or, like former Prime Minister V.P. Singh put it so succintly, "Pakistan shakes hands on the table and kicks your
shins underneath."

The time has come to rethink the Pakistan's choices in regard to Kashmir and above all the loss of East Pakistan (Bangladesh). The Bangladesh War was an utter defeat for Pakistan, which prompted it to bleed India by other means. Why has even this policy failed, although it continued cross-border terrorism till recently?

Pakistan's former main ally, the US, has apparently demonstrated to Islamabad that Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde approach wont do after its killing Bin Laden virtually in Abbottabad's Pakistani Army station. Then hundreds of schoolchildren were killed in a terrorist attack in Peshawar's Army School. Both the events have narrowed down Pakistan's manoeuvring either in regard to the
so-called allies or with the home-grown terrorists.

With the Greenback turning its back, Pakistan has no one to bankroll it. Besides, the globe is multipolar. Bipolar Russia having lost its Soviet edge, the US is not venturing out at the drop of a hat as under the Bush administrations.

Pakistan is putting faith in its `all-weather friend' but knows China, the most populous country, has its own problems. Beijing can build great constructions such as the underground passage it has taken up in Occupied Kashmir or build roads or Gwadar port, but its stress is on Beijing's own use of the constructions.

So Pakistan has had to heed President Barack Obama to resolve issues by talks than through arms and terrorists.

The other Pakistani option is MAD (Mutually Agreed Destruction) just in case the nuclear option gets into its head, which its leaders Musharraf downwards have been saying, pointing to their own head.

With India cricket matches having been blocked, the internationally banned Pakistani terrorist groups are apparently restless not getting easy money for their adventures through cricket-betting and hawala racket. Many prominent Indians have hinted at this circuit.

So the new dawn in Pakistani mind is welcome with caution.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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