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Need a Mom in New York, you've one waiting

Tue, Dec 29, 2015, 05:26 PM
`Need a Mom' is catering to young people arriving in Big Apple for work and missing their mothers.

While `Need a Mom' may not fulfil all the functions of a mother to her children such as selfless love and nursing, the innovative organisation aims at sharing some of the functions such as listening to the needy.

Started by Naina Keliyalli, aged 63, the organisation aims at filling mother's position far from home.

Why she started the mother's organisation? Naina explains: "I run yoga classes. Some of those who learn yoga are young people. They live far away from homes. Some of these people confess that they are missing their mothers or parents. Listening to them, I got the idea of starting the organisation.'

The young would like to share their thoughts with their mothers. They would not be able to do so as often as possible, hence they `Need a Mom.'

To anyone calling them wanting a mother, they would take details and send a woman and charge Rs.2,600 per hour. They would not do such motherly duties as cooking, but would simply listen to the young, share their thoughts, know their welfare, make suggestions and so on. They intend to give motherly love.

Owing to the increasing demand, the organisation would like to spread to the other American cities also.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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