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US ban on part-time jobs hits Telugu students hard

Tue, Dec 29, 2015, 12:10 PM
Indian students studying in the US universities are under watch. The US watch is to keep a tab on the students whether they are paying for their education or moonlighting to finance their studies.

A recent watch by the American authorities has revealed that some 150 students have illegally taken up part-time jobs while studying. Reports said the students have since been asked to return to India. Of the 150 students who have been found out, 38 belong to AP-Telangana.

It is possible that some of the marked students are somehow managing to hang on to their studies after giving up part-time jobs. There are no reports of their coming back so far.

The American authorities are insisting that students who do not have funds should not take up costly education in the US. The recent spate of deporting Telugu students from the airports is a
case in point.

The students are well advised to take up higher education in the US only if they have enough funds to pay for their education. They should avoid dependence on part-time jobs, which has somehow been the rule so far, if they want to have smooth education. Their higher education will be fine if they could concentrate on studies rather than risk moonlighting and returning to India.

It is to be noted that the American authorities have been liberal with part-time jobs for overseas Indians so far. In fact, the departments in which they are studying offer part-time jobs on projects to early birds coming into the US. They are also known to work for projects in the various departments of a university in which they are studying.

The sudden ban on part-time jobs aimed at students from the Telugu states seems therefore political, which has something to do with the US presidential election and some presidential candidates coming down heavily on Immigration and loss of jobs for the Americans.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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