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US Embassy captives in Iran at last get $4.4m each

Fri, Dec 25, 2015, 04:03 PM
The captives of US Embassy in Teheran numbering 37 have been paid a massive compensation of $4.4 million (Rs.29 crore) each.

The American embassy staff were taken captive by Iranian students who stormed into the US embassy during the Ayatollah Revolution in November 1979. They were captives in their own embassy for 444 days.

The Iranian students had tortured the embassy staff while in captivity. The Americans used to be beaten up, blindfolded and made to run between trees. When they got hurt, the Iranians used to be filled with glee. There were other torture methods also used by them.

The American staff were released following the intervention by the then President Ronald Reagan in January 1981.

Since then, the American staff were demanding compensation for their ordeal from the US administration. It was during the finalization of the US-Iranian Nuclear Deal that the former captives got a fair deal. President Barack Obama, who signed the deal, announced $10,000 compensation to the staff for each day of their confinement. This would work out to $4.4 million each.

The former embassy captives got compensation three-and-a-half decades after their ordeal. Sixteen of the former captives have died during the fight for compensation.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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