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Universities banned in the US don't include Silicon & North-Western

Thu, Dec 24, 2015, 03:04 PM
The recent incident in which Telugu-speaking students were turned back from the airport by the Immigration authorities has caused much concern among students, their parents and all those interested in American education.

It is also known that the two particular universities in the US to which the students were bound --- Silicon Valley University and North-Western Polytechnic University -- have since come out with denials that their universities have been blacklisted by the US
government. It is in this connection, we are listing the universities blacklisted in the US. Silicon and North-Western don't figure in the blacklist.

The blacklisted universities in the US are as follows:

American Bible College University, Arizona
American Central University, Wyoming
American Century University, New Mexico
American Coastline University
American University of Hawaii
Aims Christian University, Florida
Andersonville Theological Seminary, Camilla, Georgia
Apostolic Prophetic Bible College, Michigan
B. H. Carroll Theological Institute, Texas
Barrington University Mobile, Alabama
Belford University
Beloved Community Seminary, Oregon, Hawaii
Bettis Christian University, Arkansas
Bienville University Woodville, Mississippi
California Graduate School of Theology
Cambridge State University, Mississippi
Canbourne University
Canby Bible College, Oregon
Capital City Religious Institute Baton, Louisiana
Carolina University of Theology, Virginia
Chadwick University Alabama
Charis School of Divinity Florida
Christian Bible College, North Carolina
Christian Leadership University New York
Clarksville School of Theology, Tennessee
Clayton College of Natural Health, Alabama
Clayton Theological Institute, California
Columbus University, Mississippi
Communion of Saints Seminary, Oregon
Cranmer Theological House, Texas
Crescent City Christian College, Louisiana
Crown College, Washington
Delta International University, New Orleans
Dispensational Theological Seminary, Oregon
Dorcas University, Hawaii
Eastern Caribbean University,Virgin Islands
Florida State Christian College, Florida
Frederick Taylor International University, California
Frederick Taylor University, California
Friends International Christian University, California
Full Gospel Christian College, Michigan
George Wythe College, Utah
Georgia Christian University, Georgia
Golden State School of Theology, California
Golden State Baptist College, California
Golden State School of Theology Stockton, California
Heartland Baptist Bible College, Oklahoma
Hiwassee College, Tennessee
Holy Trinity College and Seminary, Florida
Honolulu University, Hawaii
Hubbard College of Administration, California
Hyles-Anderson College, Indiana
Interfaith Seminary, New York
International American University, California
International Bible University, Hawaii
International Seminary, Florida
International Theological University, California
International University of Ministry and Education, Missouri
IOND University, Hawaii
Jacksonville Theological Seminary, Mississippi
Kent College, Louisiana
Kentucky Christian University, Kentucky
LaSalle University, Louisiana
Life Christian University, Florida
Louisiana Baptist University, Louisiana
Louisiana Christian University, Louisiana
Louisiana Missionary Baptist Institute, Louisiana
Madison University, Mississippi
Master's International School of Divinity, Indiana
Miami Christian University, Florida
Morris Brown College, Georgia
Mountain States Baptist College, Montana
Nations University, Louisiana
New Tribes Bible Institute
New West Seminary, Oregon
North American Reformed Seminary, Arizona
Novus University, Mississippi
Ohio Christian College, Ohio
Oregon College of Ministry
Pacific National University, California
Patriot Bible University, Colorado
Pensacola Bible Institute, Florida
Pensacola Christian College, Florida
Portland Bible College Portland, Oregon
Providence Christian College, California
Sacramento International University
Saint Luke School of Medicine Liberia, California
Saint Martin’s College and Seminary, Wisconsin
Saint Stephen’s Educational Bible College, California
Saint Wolbodo Seminary, Maryland
Sancta Sophia Seminary, Oklahoma
St. Regis University, Washington
Success Seminary, Oregon
Texas Christian Bible University, Texas
Texas Theological University, Texas
The Bible Doctrine Institute, Florida
Tyndale Theological Seminary, Texas
Universal Bible Institute, Alabama
University of Berkley, Erie County, Pennsylvania
University of Beverly Hills California
University of Central Europe, Mississippi
University of Natural Health, Mississippi
University of Santa Monica
University of Sedona Studio City, Arizona
Washington School of Theology Oregon
West Coast Baptist College, California
Western Michigan Bible Institute, Michigan
Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary, Washington

Along with these, the US has banned some educational centers of various countries operting in the US.
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