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Immigration questions turn Telugu students back?

Wed, Dec 23, 2015, 06:20 PM
The authorities of Silicon Valley University (SUV) and North-Western Polytechnic University (NPU) in the US have absolved themselves of any blame for the turning back of Telugu-speaking students by the Immigration authorities. The authorities also denied that the universities were blacklisted by the US government.

The authorities instead blamed the students for wrongly answering questions put to them by the Immigration authorities.

For instance, when the Immigration asked them if they would take up a job in the US while studying, the students are stated to have innocently said, `Yes we would take up a job.'

The students also failed to show enough financial resources for their study in America.

Asked how many of you are going to study in the US, the students answered `15,' it is added. The universities remarked that if any student is going to study abroad, he would go there for his education and not group education. The students should remember that study is one's own and not group-based, they advised.

The university authorities said the students must be circumspect while answering such questions. They cannot afford to say they would work while studying.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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