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Jesus Christ! He looked like this picture

Tue, Dec 15, 2015, 04:56 PM
How does the Son of God look like? This question was researched by a team of forensic and other experts in the University of Manchester, and they came out with a picture profile of Jesus Christ.

The researchers, led by Prof. Richard Nivaye, obtained the skulls of Jewish people belonging to the First Century AD in the Galilee region of North Israel. By Computer Tomography method, they compiled a picture of Jesus.

Contrary to the popular beliefs that Jesus was white, tall, short bearded and handsome, the picture by the Manchester University team has used X-ray Slices method on facial features and muscles for fixing the profile. The authority of Prof. Richard, who has earned fame as `Medical artist,' is conclusive.

This picture of Jesus Christ is surely going to be projected and celebrated during this Christmas season.
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