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`Racist' cartoon aggression on India Down Under

Tue, Dec 15, 2015, 02:16 PM
After repeated cartographic aggressions by Western countries on Kashmir, the developed world is now lampooning India on the carbon front. The latest to join the race in the racist cartoon attack is `The Australian', which has apparently been riled by India's hold in the Climate Change Summit in Paris recently.

Cartoonist Bill Leak leaked his aggression by drawing a cartoon on energy conservation. The cartoon shows Indians in their traditional Sikh turban and a woman in sari as seeking to eat a solar panel. The cartoon remarks, "That's not good, you can't eat it." "Let's give it a try. Give me some mango pickle," adds an Indian.

Responding to the racist cartoon, Australian MP Tim Wates has quipped that the cartoon was `slighly embarrassing." Embarrassing? And slightly? What about the frequent bush fires in Australia, for example.

The cartoonist obviously knows the peaceful Indians don't react. However, he will do well to keep in mind another Parisian precedent of cartoon lampooning.

Close on the heels of the Paris summit, `The New York Times' published a cartoon showing an elephant as stopping a train, conveying the meaning that India cannot stop the climate march of the developed world. While the Western World freely indulges in raising carbon levels of pollution, they preach developing countries such as India to contain carbon emissions. However, India played a major role at the summit making its point clear that the onus of climate change rests squarely on the developed world.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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