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Mid-morning work break improves health, productivity

Thu, Sep 10, 2015, 01:59 PM
New York, Sep 10: Rather than the typical culture of working hard all morning only to take a lunch-hour or mid-afternoon break, a respite earlier in the workday replenishes more resources - energy, concentration and motivation - interesting research has revealed.

The study also found the frequent short breaks are better than longer breaks and people who take "better breaks" experience better health and increased job satisfaction.

"We found that when more hours had elapsed since the beginning of the work shift, fewer resources and more symptoms of poor health were reported after a break," the study said.

"Therefore, breaks later in the day seem to be less effective," the study noted.

For the study, Emily Hunter and Cindy Wu, associate professors of management in Baylor University in Texas, US surveyed 95 employees (ages 22-67) over a five-day workweek, and each person was asked to document each break they took during that time.

Breaks were defined as "any period of time, formal or informal, during the workday in which work-relevant tasks are not required or expected, including but not limited to a break for lunch, coffee, personal email or socialising with coworkers, not including bathroom breaks."

The study appeared in the Journal of Applied Psychology.
Agency: IANS

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