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Wrong career, no kids are women's top regrets: Survey

Tue, Jul 14, 2015, 03:44 PM
Los Angeles, July 14: From choosing a wrong career path to not having children are some of the major regrets in life for a woman, according to a recent survey.

Experts who carried out the detailed study, conducted by Diet Coke, also found that a large percentage of the surveyed women lament a failure to lose weight as a major regret in their lives.

Opting for a career path that turned out to be the wrong one was a common gripe as was not travelling the world before starting out in the world of work, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

Diet Coke commissioned the report to coincide with the launch of its new “Regret Nothing” campaign and it shows that while six out of ten women would happily “do things differently” if they had their time again, three out of four women believe their regrets have been character-building.

Several women expressed sadness they were unable to afford their “dream wedding”. Here are the list of top 20 regrets for women:

* Not trying hard enough at school

* Not losing weight on a diet

* Choosing the wrong career path

* Not getting on the property ladder

* Spending a night with someone I shouldn't

* Not being spontaneous enough

* Not being a good enough friend

* Not being a better daughter

* Not being impulsive enough about travelling before starting a family

* Not having children

* Not being a better mum

* Texting someone I shouldn't after a night out

* Not having my dream wedding

* Having an affair

* Getting married/ settling down

* Focussing too much on my career
Agency: IANS

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