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Chinese nurse's frank approach to sex yields dividends

Thu, Jun 04, 2015, 05:58 PM
Beijing, June 4 , 2015: A nurse's frank approach to teaching her son about ***** has led to her being invited to his school for ***** education, a move which has won acclaim in a country where the birds and the bees are generally considered off limits in the classroom.

Zhou Li, of the Wuhan Third Hospital in Wuhan city in central China's Hubei province, ran the classes earlier this week after her son boasted to classmates about the knowledge his mother had imparted at home through PowerPoint presentations, Xinhua news agency reported on Thursday.

Zhou may never have imagined that teaching 11-year-old Niu Niu the basics of ***** through a format designed to be cool and palatable would see her giving similar talks to more than 300 fifth- and sixth-graders at the school in Wuchang district.

She was surprised at how little knowledge the pupils had about *****.

"Some of their parents told them they were born from a rock, just like the Monkey King," Zhou said, adding that some were even told that they were freebies given away by telecom operators.

***** talk is still taboo in China, where thousands of years of feudal values cast a shadow over people's attitudes. Chinese parents are usually too embarrassed to teach their offspring, resulting in low levels of ***** education among the young, many of whom are susceptible to sexual abuse.

Last week, a man was executed for the rape and sexual abuse of 26 children in northeast China's Gansu province.
Agency: IANS

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