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Triple treatment method keeps cancer aside

Thu, Jun 04, 2015, 01:38 PM
London, June 4 , 2015: A new strategy involving a three-pronged approach may keep an aggressive form of lung cancer from returning, says a research.

The study done on mice found that the treatment stopped lung cancer cells from developing resistance to chemotherapy.

Cancer often returns after what, at first, seems to be successful treatment.

"This finding ran counter to everything we knew about the way tumours develop resistance," said Yosef Yarden at Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel.

The team discovered what happens to cancer cells when they are exposed to the receptor-blocking antibody.

One class of relatively common lung cancers, which carry a particular mutation in a receptor on the cell membrane, called EGFR, can be treated with a sort of "wonder drug."

This drug keeps growth signal from getting into the cell, thus preventing the deadly progression and spread of the cancer.

But within a year, those with this mutation invariably experience new cancer growth, usually as a result of a second EGFR mutation.

To prevent this from happening, researchers tried to administer another drug, an antibody that is used to treat colon cancer.
Agency: IANS

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