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Fitness apps: How fit are they?

Thu, Jun 04, 2015, 01:11 PM
New Delhi, June 4 , 2015: Is the smartphone your new doctor, as is being claimed by many app developers?

The market is already flooded with more than 30,000 health and fitness applications and more are in the offing.

So, there is an app that can measure your calorie intake while another can track your physical activity. Yet another can throw up dietary suggestions after measuring your Body Mass Index (BMI) and still others can provide you
with a good cardio chart.

People, especially the urban smartphone users whose hectic work life allows them very little time for exercise, are downloading such apps with enthusiasm in the hope of achieving "better" health.

But are these apps effective? According to fitness experts, such "virtual" apps can hardly be a replacement for "real" exercise, be it going to the gym or walking in the park.

"I do not think a smartphone application can make you healthy until you actually hit the gym. In our gym, not too many people use these apps to track their physical activity or metabolism," Vivek Soni, head trainer at Gold's Gym in New Delhi, told IANS.

Fitness apps may be useful for athletes because they have to constantly maintain a certain fitness level and require far more intense physical training than an average person.

"But for common people, these apps can't be very useful," Soni says.

There is another aspect too. Every person's dietary and training needs are different from anyone else.
Agency: IANS

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