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Smartphones yet to replace home internet: Pew study

Mon, Apr 06, 2015, 03:52 PM
New York, April 6, 2015: While a lot more people can access internet now -- thanks to their smartphones, the experience is not the same as home broadband, says a Pew study.

The study shows that smartphone owners relying on the technology as their only link to the internet are more likely to use it for a job hunt or to access other vital services.

They're also more likely to have their smartphone service cut off due to financial hardship.

"That momentary inconvenience could be the difference between hearing back from a job and being able to apply for a job," study co-author Aaron Smith was quoted as saying by Post-gazette.com.

"This could affect their financial situation in a meaningful way," Smith added.

The study polled 2,188 smartphone owners on their day-to-day usage and asked how much they rely on the phones for internet access.

About 64 percent of American adults own a smartphone. Seven percent of them lack any other high-speed internet access at home.

Those users, dubbed as "smartphone dependent", have limited options -- other than on their cell phones -- for going online at places such as nearby libraries and community centres.
Agency: IANS

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