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Drive mosquitoes away like this!

Fri, Jan 20, 2017, 01:38 PM
Related Image Many life-threatening viral fevers like dengue, malaria and chikungunya are caused through mosquito bite. Just a single sting by a mosquito can put your life in danger. It is not possible to eliminate mosquitoes without keeping the surroundings clean. Therefore, the easiest way to escape falling prey to mosquitoes is for each one of you to keep the inside of you homes spic and span.

Nice with Icerepresentative image
Mosquitoes are said to be attracted to the carbon dioxide that we breathe out. So we can trick mosquitoes with this as bait and kill them in hordes, experts say. Ice is also said to release carbon dioxide. Containers full of ice, kept at strategic places in the house will attract mosquitoes to it. Then they could be eliminated all at once with an electric bat.

Neem oil
Neem oil is very useful to prevent mosquitoes. There is a danger of attracting mental as well as breathing disorders due to the long-term use of mosquito repellents, like Good Night, All Out, Martin etc., which are chemically prepared and available in the market. It is safe to fight mosquito menace with natural repellents. Neem oil and coconut oil mixed in 1:1 proportion and rubbed on the body, is the most effective natural mosquito repellent. It is supposed to effectively ward off mosquitoes for at least eight hours. The insects are repelled by the odour of neem oil. With this, mosquitoes dare not touch you. Notably, the formula has been published in one of the editions of Journal of American Mosquito Control Association.
Neem oil has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral and anti-protozoan properties. Coconut oil works to protect the beauty of the skin. Small wads of cotton dipped in neem oil and place in every room of the house, also prevents mosquitoes.

Coffee decoctionrepresentative image
Mosquitoes usually lay their eggs in stagnant water in and around the house. By pouring coffee decoction over the water, the eggs will come up to the surface. As they are exposed to oxygen, they die before changing into mosquitoes. Not only this, mosquitoes will not lay eggs in that water again.

Eucalyptus, lemon oil
Centre for Disease Control has suggested eucalyptus and lemon oil for the prevention of mosquitoes. Both eucalyptus oil and lemon oil should be mixed in equal parts and rubbed on to the body. No harm will come to the skin, because of this. Cineol, a chemical present in lemon oil is an effective anti-septic and insect repellent.

This is available in any retail shop. It works well as a mosquito repellent. At sunset, when darkness is just setting in, burn a big piece of camphor, close all the doors and windows and go outside. When you re-enter after 20 minutes, you will see there is not a single mosquito around. All mosquitoes will be found dead. It works for a long time in repelling insects. It is not very expensive. Take a small vessel of water. Break the camphor into pieces and put them in the water and keep the vessel in a corner for best results. The water should be changed once in two days.

Tulsi or Holy Basilrepresentative image
A periodical, Parasitology, has mentioned the importance of Tulsi or Holy Basil plant in preventing mosquitoes. Tulsi helps a lot in diffusing mosquito larvae. This is also mentioned in Ayurveda. Growing Tulsi plants in the house will solve mosquito problems.

Tea Tree oil
Tea Tree oil that is available in the market is an effective mosquito repellent. Not only does it ward off mosquitoes, its use is very beneficial for the skin. Its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties help in preventing mosquitoes from biting. The perfume that emanates from this oil is irritating to the mosquitoes. That is why they are warded off by it. Tea Tree oil can either be rubbed on to the skin or can be mixed with water and sprayed indoors for good results.

Garlicrepresentative image

Garlic is also one of the natural formulas for repelling mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are put off by the strong odour of garlic. That is why they are warded off. Garlic cloves can be sliced and kept in doorways and windows, in a plate, to ward off mosquitoes. Experts suggest that crushed garlic should be dissolved in water and this should be sprayed in the house to prevent mosquitoes. The water can be sprinkled on the body to keep mosquitoes away.

Another plant that keeps mosquitoes at bay is Lavender. The aroma from Lavender is not tolerated by mosquitoes. That is why Lavender oil, used as room freshener, not only gives out a pleasant perfume but also prevents mosquitoes. The mosquitoes do not bite when the oil is rubbed onto the skin.

Oil is extracted from a grass like plant called Citronella. This has medicinal qualities. It is believed to work very well in preventing mosquitoes. Mosquitoes will not bite if the oil is rubbed onto the skin. When oil is used to burn a wick and the burner is placed in the room, mosquitoes do not enter.

Pudina (Mint)representative image
Journal of Bo-Research Technology states that Mint (Pudina) and Mint oil are good in repelling mosquitoes. Pudina leaves should be boiled in water and this should be sprayed in the house. It could also be used as a vaporiser, like in All Out for effective results. Pudina oil can also be applied on to the skin. Also pudina plants grown in a window will repel mosquitoes.

Weeds and wild plants
Weeds and wild plants help in the breeding of mosquitoes. Instead of this, growing of Tulsi, mint, citronella or lemon grass in the house would prevent mosquitoes.

Red Sanders (Sandalwood or Chandanam)
Red Sanders trees also prevent breeding of mosquitoes. Red Sanders chips that are available in the market could be boiled in water and this sprayed in the house and surrounding areas, prevents mosquitoes.

Vettiver (Khus)
Vettiver oil also has mosquito repellent properties, it is believed. Some Vettiver oil can be mixed in water and sprayed to prevent mosquitoes.

Natural repellents
Stop using mosquito repellents like All Out, Good Night etc. Throw the chemical in a puddle of water outside the house. Don't throw away the empty refill. Pound three or four camphor tablets to powder. Take a cup of neem oil and mix the powder in it. By using this in the refill as vaporiser, mosquito menace will stop as well as no damage will occur to your health.

Citronella, camphor and cedar oil should be mixed and a few drops should be added on a towel. The towel should be kept near the pillow while sleeping. Mosquitoes will be driven away due to the aroma.

Mosquito netsrepresentative image
Most of us have forgotten using mosquito nets. But it the cheapest and easiest way of keeping mosquitoes away. Not a single mosquito will enter the net, once it is used to cover on top of the bed. With this you will be completely safe from mosquitoes. It is safe and effective in a house with a number of kids.

Some preventive steps
- Do not open the door or windows just before sunrise or just after sunset. Mosquitoes are very active around this time. More mosquitoes enter the house at these timings.
- Ensure that no water is preserved or stagnant inside the house. Lids of overhead tanks on the rooftops as well as those inside the house should be tightly placed.
- A number of aroma oils like Citronella and lemon grass are available in the market. These can be used as fuel in oil burners to drive away mosquitoes.
- Mosquitoes are attracted to water. Tubs of soap water can be placed at doorways so that mosquitoes which fall in the water will die immediately.
- Mosquitoes are attracted to light. LED lights under a yellow shed will prevent mosquitoes from entering. Sodium lights that are used to prevent mosquitoes are also available.
- Mosquito traps are also available. Mosquitoes that go close to the trap are trapped and killed through a special mechanism.

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