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Many benefits with these Apps

Wed, Jan 18, 2017, 12:44 PM
Related Image We cannot pass on a single second without a smartphone these days. We depend on phone for every minute task i.e., starting from watching time, setting reminders and alarm. Everybody’s phone is filled with contacts, photos and videos. We store very valuable information in our phone including the data uploaded in social media app and data downloaded from them. It is very essential to protect the data, copying it and taking a back of that data. All these tasks can easily be done with the help of some special apps. Moreover some apps in our phone help observing the status of sensors and the condition of conveniences. Some of those apps we use frequently may come for free and others are available for a price. Let’s observe all about apps.    

Printing phone book contactsrepresentative image
We keep meeting people always. We take their numbers. The list of our contacts is long which includes known people, colleagues and relatives etc., that goes on in hundreds. If our phone gets corrupt, attacked by virus, not coming to switch on mode after falling down, when we forget our phone then it is difficult to get our contact numbers. During such situations when we want to call anybody then contact number is mandatory. So it is essential to taking back up our contact list and preserving it in text file or PDF form or keeping it in our mail. .  Many android apps are available from Google playstore supporting this facility. We can install those apps and start taking backup of contacts, restoring them, changing them to PDF form and printing them.

Some good apps that support this facility

Many apps are available such as Print my contacts, Contacts to PDF, Contacts backup and export.

Message backuprepresentative image
We get many messages every day. Some of those messages may be of high importance. We have many good apps available to store our messages confidentially and to protect our messages when our phone gets damaged. While some facilitate storing those messages in cloud storage or storing in phone or memory card; some other support us sending our messages to designated emails at the designated time.  We can open our mail to read them.  We can set a day, two days, a week or any time of our choice. Our text messages go into backup file as per the time we set. We can restore those messages whenever we want. Some SMS backup softwares help taking call log details as well.  With the help of this feature text messages sent from those contacts and numbers do not appear in inbox.  

We can read them by opening Private SMS box app directly. There is a possibility of setting a password for this app. And there is additional great facility available in SMS to text app. This app facilitates to change our text messages from inbox to text file. It means that text file can be opened and seen in another phone or computer. We can take a print out also if needed.  

Infrared, wi-fi remote applicationsrepresentative image
If our smartphone comes with an infrared blaster, a connected app is also provided along with it.  But the app may not be that effective. So for TV, DVD player, AC, Home theatre and Cell top box – some apps are available to control them. There are some apps available – based on wi-fi network, with the help of some apps, your smartphone can be turned to remote control. But wi-fi remote apps work only with gadgets like net work based smart TVs. In some apps, along with infrared wi-fi remote is also available. Some good apps connected to IR remote, to name a few are Galaxy universal remote, peel smart remote, IR universal remote.    

Some good apps those that work like wi-fi remote are – Sure universal remote, wi-fi TV remote, AnyMote Universal remote plus wi-fi and Android TV remote control.

GPS not working properly…?representative image
While travelling GPS is highly useful. If we have certain landmarks, based on GPS and with the help of Google map we can easily reach our destination. If we have certain landmarks, based on GPS and with the help of Google map we can easily reach our destination. If we have certain landmarks, based on GPS and with the help of Google map we can easily reach our destination. We can identify short distances as well. But very often GPS doesn’t work properly. GPS receivers are of inferior in quality in low budget smartphones and won’t work properly. In such situations we can get signal with the help of some apps like ‘GPS Status’, and ‘GPS Test’. We can get the signal faster with these apps.  

In the open air, by opening these apps for a short time we can get a better signal. GPS status app comes with easy interface.  It shows satellite position and signal quality along with GPS.  Beyond, it shows the status and quality of light, magnetic, proximity and sensors in gyroscope in our phones. This gives the flexibility to download A- GPS (Assisted GPS) so to help GPS work faster. Altogether this app provides many conveniences. However, it has high battery consumption. GPS test app also is useful in getting better quality of signal. This also supports Glonass (similar to GPS positioning system). This consumes less battery power than GPS Status app. This app is useful to get GPS signal, to locate satellite position, to identify current location, to notice present travelling speed and time. But we don’t have options to help observe sensors data and their status.  

Locking Appsrepresentative image
Some locking apps are available with which our confidential information is protected when we let others to use our phone. When we need to let others to use our phone instead of locking the phone altogether we can just lock our confidential information.  For example, we can just lock gallery if we don’t want to others to see our photos and videos. Or if you don’t like to see our SMSs or call logs, we can just lock that part of our phone.  And we can leave open the other parts like apps and games. Some locking apps give us the option to set separate passwords for separate apps. That means we still can get protected even if we don’t lock the phone altogether.    

Some apps are free and some are available by paying some price. Some apps available that said to be best are – Applock, Smart applock, ES applocker, Clean master, Apps lock and gallery hider, App lock (Pattern), perfect applock, Leo privacy guard and Applock master. Usually the Clean master app that is used to clean Ram and cache` cleaning, along with it the applocker which is available in that app itself should better be used.    

Navigation possible without internetrepresentative image
Even if we have GPS in our phone, we cannot use it if we don’t have internet connection or proper cellular network. But ‘HERE’ app is very useful in providing perfect navigation even if we don’t have internet connection or cellular signal. It’s good to know that this app has been developed by reputed Nokia Company. We can download the maps of our preferred locations ahead of time and use them effectively just like Google maps.  However, after installing HERE app after registering it only we can get to download the maps.  

 An entire country’s map can also be downloaded. The services of this app are available at free of cost. Other   apps ‘Maps.Me’ , ‘GPS navigation & Maps by Sygic’– similar to HERE maps also are available to get off-line maps.

Do you want to download ‘YouTube’ videos?  representative image

Many thousands of videos are available in YouTube. But we will not be able to download the videos we like. Though many websites and softwares are available in computers, in smartphones it is difficult to download the videos we like. Even if have YouTube option available videos are encrypted and saved in bits and pieces. We can just watch them but we can’t copy them. Some apps are available to overcome this problem.

We need to search them with the names, download them from different websites and install them. A browser is inbuilt in this app. For example, when we open TubeMate, it directly takes us to YouTube website. We need to search for those videos and download them.  Then we need to press download button located on the right side of the app. Then we can get to see various resolutions available related to that video. We can select the resolution of our choice and press ‘OK’ button then the video gets downloaded.  

Scanning appsrepresentative image
Scanning apps are acknowledged as ‘Must-have’ apps in every smartphone. Usually when we copy a document and take a print out of it, it comes out a bit darker. But when we use scanning apps and take a print out it comes out clean as if we have scanned it and taken a Xerox of it. Scanning apps are extremely useful in preserving copies from daily bills to ID proofs scanned with quality. With some apps we can scan some documents with an ordinary camera of our phone. We can convert them into black and white mode also. Moreover, we can save these documents in GPG (photo format) mode or PDF format.  Several apps, to name a few – TV scanner, CAM scanner, Genius scanner, Microsoft office lens, Scan boat, Mobile doc scanner, Handy scanner and Turbo scanner are available. Some are available for free and are available for some price.

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