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Gentleman UAE Release Updates

Tue, Jun 14, 2016, 08:42 PM
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Press Note: Gentleman has been censored with clean “U” and no cuts or audio mute & is all set for grand release on June 17th with overseas premiers on June 16th.

Nani continues his trend of delivering clean and neat entertainers targeting whole family audience.

USA content is already transferred and drives are being shipped. All the locations are expected to have the drives few days in advance before the premiers. Gentleman will be the largest release for a Nani starrer and for the first time, even smaller markets gets screening based on buyer’s demand. In USA alone Gentleman is scheduled on 126 screens.

To give the audience best experience Gaatri Media and AtmusEntertainments have been working to book the best screens across USA. In bigger markets along with traditional screens additional luxury screens are being added and in smaller markets, luxury screens are being opted.

We certainly hope Natural Star Nani’s“Gentleman” will be part of your fun family outing during this Holiday Season.

Click Here for the USA Schedules: http://www.indianclicks.com/movies/Gentleman_USA_WK1.pdf

As premier day is nearing buzz and curiosity factor increases all over UAE, GCC can't be left behind.

Natural Star Nani's Gentleman has been a widest release in UAE & GCC countries.

Local censor has been done and awarded with clean U certificate.

Schedules are set in a way to make sure lot of after sunset shows are available for the friends observing the fast in the holy month of Ramadan.

Click Here for the UAE & GCC Schedules: http://www.indianclicks.com/movies/Gentleman_UAE_Schedules_WK1.pdf

Game on: Get ready to find out Hero or Villain?

Enjoy the clean and wholesome entertainer in theaters and stay away from piracy.

For Details you may contact Ravi Kiran at 331-330-3366 or email [email protected] 

Follow us on Twitter @gaatri_mediag for more updates.

Press note released by: Indian Clicks, LLC


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